Osteopathy is a “whole body” system of manual therapy, based on recognised medical orthopaedic testing & biomechanical principles, which uses a wide range of techniques to treat musculo-skeletal problems and other functional disorders of the body. It is now widely recognised throughout the world as one of the most scientifically validated and effective “complementary” therapies.

The World Health Organisation recognises the Osteopathic concept of somatic dysfunction as being scientifically proven, and the British Medical Association also recognises Osteopathy as a discrete medical discipline. Osteopaths are statutorily registered practitioners having undertaken a full-time course resulting in a BSc Hons degree in Osteopathy. This covers anatomy, physiology, pathology and general medical diagnosis in addition to Osteopathic technique. Osteopaths are primary care practitioners, and are trained to be able to recognise conditions which require medical referral. They are also trained to carry out standard medical examinations of the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system.